Friday, February 24, 2017

Like, Follow & Watch us Live – KLIC Social Media

Chatt State Library's social media team promotes KLIC events and connects virtually to a wide audience about what is going on at the library. How can you connect with KLIC?

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are our social media platforms, and this Blogger blog platform.  For the past decade, KLIC has used auto-posted links for each blog post on Facebook and Twitter. Blog posts are accessible from either the KLIC Facebook platform or Twitter platform as well as on Blogger.

Facebook – Each month, there is "KLIC Live" where the upcoming events for this month are broadcast through Facebook Live.  This is a great way to connect by live feed, or view the recorded video, to what is happening in KLIC!  The Facebook platform is also updated with images and status posts.

Like us on Facebook at

Twitter – The KLIC Twitter account has two main purposes. One is announcement and immediate news because the KLIC Twitter feed can be viewed on the library’s website. Another immediate use are any images posted on the KLIC Instagram account. Native pictures from Instagram post onto Twitter as a picture and not as a link. Re-tweets or likes of Chatt State-related tweets are also a part of the weekly process.

The other purpose for Twitter is connecting to the library world by following libraries, librarians, database vendors, information sources, and much more. The KLIC Twitter timeline is a wealth of knowledge from the library world that helps the KLIC social media team find resources or information to share for staff knowledge.

Follow us on Twitter at

Instagram – We love creating images at KLIC – it could be a picture in the library or a quote captured in an image.  KLIC has a weekly schedule of Instagram posts.

Follow us on Instagram at

Blogs – KLIC has two blogs. The one you are reading now is the Blogger blog – the KLIC blog has been around for 10 years with tens of thousand page views. Check out our great blog series – a wealth of information in our Blogger blog.

Our second blog is our newest platform provide by Springshare – the same company that provides libguides.  It is our New Books blog – find out what is new in our book collection at

Social Media Team – The team is Christen Robichaud, Debora Ervin, Lori Warren, Susan Jennings, and Dwight Hunter.

You can find the KLIC social media icons towards the bottom of the library website:

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