Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Quotes from 'Why I Love My Library' Event

Each February the Library does a display for Valentine's Day. Students fill out paper hearts saying why they love their library and they receive candy as a thank you.

I Love my Library Because...
  1. It gives me a quiet place to work.
  2. It has fast computers, good headphones and study rooms.
  3. The computers are up-to-date.
  4. There is always a free computer. 
  5. Charging stations are very convenient.
  6. It is open on the weekends.
  7. It's quiet and I can focus.
  8. It's sweet.
  9. It's simply beautiful.
  10. It has magazines and journals.
  11. Everyone has been so helpful, patient and resourceful.
  12. Everyone is nice and helpful.
  13. I love books.
  14. The staff is always willing to listen.
  15. It gives me the ability to study.
  16. I love movies.
  17. The people are kind.
  18. My mother works here.
  19. Barbra and Sabina work here.
  20. It has comfy chairs and Wi-Fi.
  21. It is super comfortable and clean.
  22. It is a quiet place to gain knowledge and to be successful.
  23. It's my only quiet place!!!
  24. It's so legit.
  25. Love the study rooms for my LPN study group.
  26. Great place for homework.
  27. Great place to study.
  28. It's quiet, comfortable and easy to focus while I study.
  29. The staff are super helpful.
  30. Macs.
  31. Love the hours.
  32. I can study better and be more productive than I would at home.
  33. It shows creativity at work.
  34. I like the Wi-Fi and Books.
  35. Equal access to education = socialism.
  36. Books and more books.
  37. It's where I can get away and actually focus on my school and study time.
  38. You guys are always really, really helpful and have great attitudes!! And It's quiet for study.
  39. Love the new look.
  40. Charging stations.

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