Monday, July 19, 2021

Picture books, journals, and more in a new location!

Changes! Before this summer, you could peruse the picture books (children books) and print magazines in the information commons area of the library. Before this summer, you would walk past the green wall to turn the corner and see the lease books and audio books. No longer!

The green wall is gone and picture books, journals, magazines, audio books and lease books are all in the same location!

Shelving units emptied before being moved.

To prepare for the move, the Tech Services staff removed all of the picture books and the magazines from the shelves and loaded them onto book trucks. 

The audio books and lease books were temporarily moved to shelves.  Then the area was measured and taped to provide locations of the moved shelving units. Thanks to the physical plant staff who moved the shelving units down to the new location and took down the green wall. 

Area prepared before green wall was removed.

With the moved shelving and books, you can peruse picture books, audio books, lease books, magazines, and journals all in one location and be near the service desk for checkout! And you can sit on the green wavy bench to read!

Magazines and journals

Picture books

No green wall!

Friday, July 16, 2021

Part Three - Videos on Park and Recreation Month Guide



Find this video and other embedded videos on the video tab of the Park and Recreation Guide!

On the video main landing page, you will find videos about TVA Raccoon Mountain that includes a video around the TVA lake and includes a video about a fast-paced, downhill bicycle ride on a Raccoon Mountain bike trail!

Other videos on the main landing page include Russell Cave, Fall Creek Falls, and Red Clay State Park.

In addition to the main landing page under the video tab, there are three sub-tabs. The sub-tabs are North Chick, Old Stone Fort, and More Chattanooga and Tennessee Videos.

The North Chick tab has kayaking videos - one in calm water and one in rough water.

The Old Stone Fort Park tab describes the enclosure found in Manchester. The park is bounded by the Duck River on one side and the Little Duck River on the other side before the two rivers merge. Videos on this tab include the Duck River, waterfalls, and the importance of summer solstice at the park.
The More Chattanooga and Tennessee Videos tab includes more local and regional embedded videos. Videos include Signal Mountain's Rainbow Lake and Sparta's Virgin Falls.

Peruse the videos on the video tab in the Park and Recreation Guide at and enjoy!

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Part Two: Pictures from Library Staff for Park and Recreation Month


Part two of a three-part blog series on the Park and Recreation Month guide

Our KLIC staff members enjoy visiting local parks or traveling to visit cool places. Chattanooga parks, Great Smoky National Park, local hiking trails and rivers and many more pictures were submitted. We have staff who hike, have a rose garden, people who love beaches, people who kayak, and more. Librarians have park and recreation stories to tell!

This year's submissions brought new pictures from The Breakers mansion, Lake Michigan beach, Pacific coast highway, Alcatraz Island, Piney River, plus fun past pictures of biking on the Tennessee Riverpark, hiking the Rainbow Trail and Cloudland Canyon, reaching the top of Independence Pass, and so much more! You really have to check this page out.

Check out the video of pictures from the Library Staff!

Visit the park and recreation guide at

Chattanooga's East Lake Park

View from Alcatraz Island

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

July is Park and Recreation Month - Part One

By Dwight Hunter

One of my favorite guides to work on and to update each year is this guide: Park & Recreation Month Guide. 

This is part one of a three-part blog series about this guide.  It is a fun guide to look at park and recreation resources, and to view embedded videos, and to explore links and much more.

Parks and recreational activities took on a different role for many of us during the last 12 months. Going for a walk was a chance to get outside, a chance to give us a peace of mind and stretch out from our home limitations. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has shed an even bigger light on the essential role of local parks and recreation. During the last few months, many of us were able to travel again. This year's theme is fitting for this renewal: Our Park and Recreation Story!

On the guide is a page titled Local Parks Website where local parks in Hamilton County and Chattanooga are located. On the home page are websites for nearby state parks outside of Hamilton County. 

In my senior year in high school, I decided to take what I thought was an easy course called Recreational Sports. It wasn't easy. I learned how to play racquetball & volleyball, how to bowl, do archery, practice rifle target shooting; and I learned slow pitch softball, trampoline tricks, rappelling, golf, and disc golf. Those recreational lessons are still with me today.

Use the information in the guide to find a park near you! As always each year, there are pictures submitted by the library staff that can be viewed -- more about the KLIC staff pictures in part two of the blog series!

Check out the feature pages of Hiking Trails - Take a Hike and the Head of Sequatchie River. Here you can find websites for local hiking trails and a national trail database. The Sequatchie River exits a cave at full force on its journey to the Tennessee River. 

Find a park to enjoy outside! Take a picture or write a note of your visit and tell your park and recreation story!
East Lake Park, Chattanooga