Sunday, March 12, 2017

Comp I National Homelessness Project

Stop by the library and check out the homelessness project display with a presentation and selected books.  The PowerPoint presentation was created by students in Dr. Jason Huddleston's English Comp I class.

Dr. Huddleston explained the assignment and purpose of the presentation:
In addition to researching, writing, and presenting a campus "visual statement" in March in response to homelessness, students will work together to develop a multimedia project that will address three aspects of this crisis in America:
1) its demographics,
2) failed attempts to resolve homelessness within the U.S., and
3) a formal proposal for EITHER improvements to a previous / existing solution OR implementation of a new solution.
The ultimate objective of the PowerPoint portion of the project is to use visual media to raise campus-wide awareness of homelessness not only across America but also within Chattanooga, as well as to encourage those who view the information within the PowerPoint to become more proactively involved in responding personally to this crisis.
The students' PowerPoint presentation covers the causes of homelessness and provides solutions.  The presentation indicates that homelessness causes can be placed into the categories of internalized factors, financial factors, externalized factors, and economic factors.

Stop by KLIC and learn about student research into the National Homelessness Project, learn about the different factors for homelessness, and learn about the solutions offered by the students.

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