Monday, June 20, 2016

We're Hiring a Part-Time Librarian!

Kolwyck Library & Information Commons (KLIC) at Chattanooga State Community College is looking for a part-time librarian to work nights, weekends, and occasional other times.  Our part-time librarians are crucial members of the KLIC staff, working at the public services desk to assist patrons with reference and technology needs.   

This position requires:

  • Flexibility. In a typical semester this position might work a weekend day every other week, one evening per week, and an occasional day shift for training or to fill in when needed.

  • Ability to work one-on-one with students of a variety of ages and backgrounds to help with information literacy and technology issues.

  • Knowledge of library databases and research methods and the ability to effectively teach students to use them.

  • Comfort with technology, including basic troubleshooting of printing, MS Office, Chattanooga State course management system.

  • Dependability and initiative. The person in this position will be responsible for providing reference and technology help for students at times when few other staff members will be working.

Preferred qualifications:

Master’s degree in library science from ALA-accredited program—degree completed or in progress

Experience working in a library or other position requiring customer service

Questions? Contact: 
Susan Jennings, Dean of Library Services

Interested in applying? Submit cover letter, resume, and three professional references to

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Not So Frequently Asked Questions with Danielle Knowles

Danielle at Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin, Ireland
Danielle Knowles, Library Systems & Emerging Technologies Librarian
Danielle Knowles hales from Huntsville, Alabama but she's not new to Chattanooga. She spent some time here in her undergraduate days, attending Chattanooga State before transferring to university. Now she's back and she's leading KLIC's technology staff. She's in charge of our new search engine, OneKLIC, which lets students and faculty search our books, ebooks, DVDs, online videos, articles, magazines, etc. all in one place. She also oversees our amazing IT staff who makes sure everything is running smoothly. She took a little time out of her busy schedule so we could ask her some Not So Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is the last book you read?
Going Clear by Lawrence Wright

2. Favorite thing to do in Chattanooga?
Bike, hike, and kayak

3. What is the last picture you took with your phone?
A trail map sign

4. You find a magic lamp and a genie gives you three wishes. What do you wish for?
Never-ending good health, the resources to travel and time to all the other things I want to do in this life.

5. Favorite sport?
Roller Derby

6. Coke or Pepsi?

7. Favorite local restaurant?
I haven’t tried enough to decide on a favorite yet.

8. What advice do you have for students?
You know those classes you hate that aren’t related to your major? You will use them in the future. You may not need them for your job, but having a baseline education is very important.

9. What do you like to do in your free time?
Outdoor activities and video games

10. What was one of your most memorable vacations?
Not really a vacation, but a college course (Natural History of East Africa). The class was a month long safari in Kenya.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Joe the Barbarian by Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison's Joe the Barbarian is a psychedelic journey from a bedroom at the top of the stairs to the kitchen and beyond. Sound strange? That's because it is. 

Home alone after a disastrous day at school, Joe realizes that things are about to get a lot worse. Joe has type 1 diabetes and he hasn't eaten since a few schoolyard bullies stole his snack earlier in the day. Home alone except for his pet rat, Joe descends into a hypoglycemic delusion. His house is now the Iron Kingdom and his coming has been foretold by its inhabitants. He is "The Dying Boy" and only he can save them. Joe agrees to help, but first he needs to get downstairs and drink a soda.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park book cover

Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor and Park tells the story of two kids from two very different backgrounds who meet and fall in love. Eleanor is the new kid at school and Park takes pity on her, letting her sit next to him on the bus. From there they bond over comic books, music, and a mutual dislike for the popular kids at the back of the bus. As time goes on their bond grows stronger, but Park doesn't know what life is like for Eleanor when she gets off the bus each evening. Park returns to a loving and supportive home, but the opposite is true for Eleanor. Eleanor's mother is married to an abusive man and Eleanor and her siblings desperately try to avoid encountering their angry stepfather, becoming prisoners in their own home. 

Rowell's award winning young adult novel has been challenged in many libraries because it touches on topics of child abuse, domestic abuse, bullying, body image, race, sexuality, and includes profanity.