Friday, August 26, 2016

KLIC Fall Hours Start This Week

Fall library hours start this week!

Monday-Thursday 7:30a-9:00p
Friday 7:30a-4:30p
Saturday 10:00a-6:00p
Sunday 1:00p-9:00p 

Hours are subject to change; visit the library's website for the most up-to-date hours.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

PaperCut - A new way to print on campus!

A new printing system is now in place at Chattanooga State!  It is called PaperCut.  If you see this image on a computer in the library, or in a lab  – PaperCut printing is available.

What’s the big difference? PaperCut only takes valid debit cards and credit cards for payments. 

No more need to break down large bills into one dollar bills.  Valid debit cards and credit cards are now the payment sources needed to add money to your PaperCut account.

To add value to your account, click on the word “details” within the PaperCut image and use your TigerID and password to log in.  Handouts are available at the service desk for step by step instructions or can be downloaded.

To print, you can download the document or file to be printed, click print, and a pop-up box will ask for your TigerID and password.  Once the authentication process is completed, you can walk to the print release computer, type in your TigerID and password and select the files you want to print. 

Remember to log out of your PaperCut account. Staying logged in at the computer that you sent a document from is not necessary to retrieve a print job. Restarting a library computer after you are finished is a suggested best practice because software within the restarting process resets the computer memory.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Upcoming Interim Hours

Library Hours for August 7-21:

Monday-Friday: 8:00a-4:30p
Saturday-Sunday: closed

8/15 Monday-8/16 Tuesday: closed for staff training

Regular fall hours begin August 22.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Part Three - Videos on Park and Recreation Guide

Find this video and other embedded videos on the video tab of the Park and Recreation Guide!

On the main landing page, you will find videos about TVA Raccoon Mountain that includes a video around the TVA lake and includes a video about a fast-paced, downhill bicycle ride on a Raccoon Mountain bike trail!

Other videos on the main landing page include Russell Cave, Fall Creek Falls, and Presidents T. Roosevelt and B. Obama on the importance of national parks.

In addition to the main landing page under the video tab, there are three sub-tabs. The sub-tabs are Enterprise South, North Chick, and Film Playlist.

The Enterprise South tab includes bicycle videos on paths found inside the park.

The North Chick tab has the video above plus kayaking videos - one in calm water and one in rough water.

The library database Films on Demand provides a playlist of films about parks in general.

Peruse the videos on the video tab in the Park and Recreation Guide and enjoy!