Sunday, April 12, 2009

National Library Week: Worlds Connect @Your Library

It seems to me that everybody and everything has a special week.  You know, there's cornbread week, pet week, music weekgarden week, and the little known National Library Week.  Yep, you heard right!  Did you know that even libraries have their very own week, and this is it:   April 12-18, 2009.  The theme this year is , "Worlds connect @ your library®."  Awesome! 

Worlds DO connect at your library, and our library is YOUR library.  You already know about most of the connections because you're in here every day connecting with your teachers, your friends, your family, and sometimes even strangers. (Didn't your mama tell you not to talk to strangers?) 

The American Library Association is our flagship organization, and they advocate for us, which ulitmately means they advocate for YOU.  We're all about providing services and facilities that people need to enhance their lives in whatever way is beneficial: with education, entertainment, and social interaction.  

If you have had a positive experience in this library (or any other), tell us your story.  Maybe someone helped you format a document, find a lost flash drive, get 5 professional articles from physical therapy journals, or taught you how to set up your email.  Whatever the need, we try to meet it. 

Leave your comments and tell the world how much libraries have meant to you.   We'd be lost without you.  Check us out!


Image credit to ALA Store.


Dale Grisso said...

The Augusta R. Kolwyck Library of Chattanooga State Technical Community College has truly been there for me as a student. Its easy access and user-friendly design has made the difference in my success. One of its greatest extra advantages has been the extremely helpful staff, who are a resource of themselves. They are one question away from those who want to further their lives and careers. I am so thankful for Chattanooga State's Library: It gave me a chance at life that I would not have had otherwise. Thank you Chattanooga State and staff!

Dr. Tina Cannon said...

The Augusta R. Kolwyck Library of Chattanooga State Technical Community College has been a great part of my educational career. In 1983 I started out as a student at CSTCC. I began working in the library on a work scholarship. All the people that worked there played a special part in my life: Tisa Houck, Vicky Leather and Pam Temple. I used the library for the two years that I was there as a student. I then went to UTC, but anytime I needed help I always came back to CSTCC's library. Everyone was always willing to help. When I graduated from UTC I began working at CSTCC as a mathematics instructor. I then worked on my master's degree and doctorate degree. I always came to the library because everyone was so helpful, especially Tisa. I truly believe that if I had not met all of the wonderful people at the Augusta R. Kolwyck Library, I never would have been able to finish all of the education that I accomplished. Thanks everyone for being there for me and helping my current students!