Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Experience the Paintings of Robin Howe

When you come by the library during the month of April, you will experience the delightful paintings of local artist Robin Howe.  Robin, known for her carefree and whimsical work, has won both national and international awards, and her work is on display in galleries around the country.   In addition to teaching classes in art and English here at Chattanooga State, she is a mother of three who runs a bed and breakfast on Signal Mountain and teaches homeschool students.  (Whew! She's a busy lady.)  Robin says that she tries to "evoke a positive mode whether it be pensive or reflective, or joyous and ebullient."

To read more about Robin and to see, purchase, and commission her work, visit her website robinhowetownsend.com.  Thanks, Robin, for sharing your talent!



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bruno mars said...

Love your posts! But I was trying to add your RSS feed and your posts were coming up cut off. Know how I can fix that?