Sunday, April 19, 2009

Want Graphic Novels? Take our Quick Survey

I will have to admit that I have read only a few graphic novels, but I am interested, as many of you are, in reading more of them. You may have seen the movie Watchmen (If you're over 17!) and then decided to read the book. Or maybe you read the book first and couldn't miss the movie.   Have you read V for Vendetta  or the autobiographical Persepolis?  And I can't fail to mention all the Batman, Manga, and now Bat-Manga books, and the amazing Maus, winner of the Pulitzer Prize Special Award!  Well, the list could get w-a-a-a-y longer, but I'll stop with those.  

Just in case you didn't know, graphic novels are, according to the ALAN Review, "book-length narratives told using a combination of words and sequential art, often presented in comic book style."  Several of us on the library staff are considering developing a graphic novels collection, and we need your input.  Tell us how you feel about this category of fiction by answering the questions below.  I'll post the results of the survey and let you know what our plans are.   Just tell us your favorite graphic novel or recommend one that we should buy for our collection.  Thanks!

***Click here to take this very brief survey.***

Maybe you'd like to read a little about The Contract with God by Will Eisner, which is considered by many to be the first graphic novel.


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Tisa said...

To the person who wants the library to buy Maus: Good News! We have both volumes of that work on the shelf and the call number is D804.3 .S64 1986. Ask any staff member to show you where it is located. Use your CSTCC photo ID to check it out.

Tisa said...

Correction: MAUS is actually overdue. C'mon, now. Bring that back so someone else can have a turn. Thanks.

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