Monday, November 05, 2018

The KLIC Shelf Elf – Some Tasty & Newsworthy Titles

For the month of November, look on the New Books display or on the shelves for some titles that are gripping, some inspiring and some very tasty.

Call Number PN1995.9.S26 D44 2018
Take a trip to other worlds through vintage and classic movies.  From Turner Classic Movies, this book covers 9 decades of films that Turner Classic Movies considers essential viewing for any science fiction aficionado.  It includes many movie posters, movie stills and behind-the-scene details.  Each film receives a plot summary and details about why it is considered a classic of the genre; the selections begin with 1902’s Trip to the Moon with its familiar moon and a rocket stuck in the moon’s eye.  The list ends with 2016’s Arrival. Each film also includes lesser-known titles as well as remakes or similar-themed films.

Call Number HV555.P9 A53 2018  
Chef Jose Andres arrives shortly after Hurricane Maria devastates Puerto Rico.  He seeks to help by feeding the people a hot, delicious meal using local food and local products.  While feeding his neighbors, he discovers a poorly managed system that is not well-suited for large scale disasters such as this hurricane.  As Chef Andres’ story inspires, it also illustrates ways to deal with a large scale, unexpected situation which may happen at a moment’s notice.

Call Number E185.89.F66 T95 2018
Travel with Michael Twitty, a culinary historian, through Africa and parts of the southern United States as he traces his roots.  As he travels, readers discover unique recipes, origins of familiar meal favorites such as barbecue, greens, and traditional soul food.  In addition to this tasty tour, he and readers can discover food’s ability to reunite or heal deep divisions that exist in the United States.  His photographs of various restaurants, fields, and buildings enrich his tour of the “Old South.”

Knife: the Culture, Craft, and Cult of the Cook’s Knife                           
Call Number TX657.K54 H39 2016
As a painter uses a brush or a designer uses software for their tools of the trade, a chef uses a knife.  While a knife is certainly an essential tool in cooking, it also can be an intimidating one.  With a journalist’s eye, Tim Hayward, explores different types of knives, the materials that make up knives, and the cultural differences associated with kitchen knives.  Many photos and diagrams illustrate care of knives as well as accessories that might go with knives.  Skip the butter knife with this tour around the globe.

Edna Lewis:  at the Table with an American Original                            
Call Number TX649.L48 E36 2018
From her childhood home in Virginia, Edna Lewis was an original Southern cook and author of well-regarded cookbooks, including the classic, The Taste of Country Cooking.  These essays highlight Edna and her Virginia roots, founded by freed slaves to her experiences in New York City.  Edna began the farm-to-table movement.

When viewing any of these titles in OneKLIC, check out the “Virtual Browse:"

It shows the title being browsed, like the Must See Sci-Fi mentioned above, as well as similar titles next to it on the shelf.  Another handy feature of OneKLIC before you venture to the shelves!

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