Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pam Temple - Goodbye Questions

With Pam Temple retiring, we wanted to ask her a few questions about Chattanooga State and the library before she left!

1. When did you begin working at Chattanooga State?

Temporary, September 1979; full time, January 1980.

2. What were the biggest changes in your library job over the years?

o   One big change for me was moving from a 9 month to a 12 month position.

o   One big change for the library was moving from a paper card catalog and shelflist to a digital library management system.

o   RDA is starting to become a major change as well.

3. What’s the most noticeable change at Chatt State from your first day in 1980 to now: What change affected the institution the most?

The most noticeable change is the campus landscape. When I came, there were the following buildings: the Omniplex, Student Center, IMC, Humanities, and a big air bubble building for the gym.

The Vocation School and the PBS TV station were here, but not part of the campus. There was no pond, no amphitheater, no Riverwalk, no Productivity Center, no Health Sciences Bldg., no Energy Plant, no Business Division addition, or expanded Library space.  Now we have added new buildings on campus as well as those we purchased such as the CBIH Bldg., the TV station, the old Olan Mills plant, and the off campus sites on Lee Highway and in Kimball.

I think the Vocational School/Chattanooga State merger started a period of growth that has continued through the years with new partnerships with Volkswagen, Wacker, and other businesses in the area. That growth and expansion probably affected the institution the most. 

4. What changes in the Library were the most noticeable or affected the library the most?

I think going to a digital library management system with 24/7 access to information resources has had a major impact on how the Library is used and perceived.  Two major renovations have kept the Library a pleasant place to study, do research, and get technology assistance.

5. How many library directors/deans have you worked with at Chatt State?

I have worked with three library directors/deans: Richard Harris (4 years), Vicky Leather (28 years), and Susan Jennings (5 1/2 years).  They are all dedicated librarians and able administrators and I have learned a lot from them over the last 38 years.  There was not a bad one in the bunch!

6. Are you retiring here – still going to be around for library meals?

Oh yes! I will always be up for a meal with my library buds.  We will be retiring right here, with many side trips to see friends, family, and the good ole USA.

And finally, a message from Pam:

I have been fortunate to work with wonderful, caring people here at Chattanooga State and especially in the Library. I cannot praise these people enough! For sure, I will not miss doing bulk imports and exports, or troubleshooting Alma and Analytics; but, I will most definitely miss the people.  I will miss the work in the sense that I feel it I has value that enhances the lives and studies of our students and faculty; thus making my time and efforts worthwhile.  Who can ask for more than that!

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Bill Stifler said...

It has been a pleasure working with you in the years that I have been at Chatt State. I am seeing so many of the "old guard" leaving that I am beginning to feel abandoned.

Bill Stifler