Monday, May 08, 2017

The Big Shuffle!

For a while now, KLIC's technical services staff members were preparing for the "Big Shuffle"! One of those work processes required placing yellow stickers on reference books.

What is the Big Shuffle? And why are yellow stickers going on the reference books?

The reference books will be interfiled with the circulating books. That's library jargon to describe that when visiting a set a books, the books that check out and the books that do not check out will be all in the same location.

Currently, the reference books are located at the end of the circulating books as a separate collection. After the interfiling process, all the books will be merged into one collection.

Shelves have been been added to the wall.  This is where the Big Shuffle will begin by moving the law books along the wall shelves.

And the moving of the law books started today!

Be sure to visit us after the Big Shuffle is completed!

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