Monday, October 31, 2016

Comma Con: Interveiw with Captain Jack Sparrow, Maleficent, Darth Vader, and Dr. Who

Comma Con 2016 Continues October 31st at 2:00-2:50 and November 1st at 1:00p – 1:50p in the library's mobile classroom. Join us for the final episodes of the Conference on Conquering the Comma Conundrum!

A library staffer recently contacted the leader of our Comma Con Super Heroes over the airways after spotting them repeatedly in the library's mobile classroom.

Here is what we now know. When asked: "Who are the men and women behind the masks" and "Who recruited them for the Conference on Conquering the Comma Conundrum?" Jack Sparrow, aka Dr. Jason Huddleston, responded by naming his fellow comma crusaders and their true identities.

* Captain Jack: "Dr. Jason Huddleston's ardor for Comic Con and the abhorrence for comma errors pulled me, his alter ego, and the Black Pearl through a madding maelstrom as I made my way to Tortuga. I sail spirited spirited seas now, cresting combers of commas and conning my craft along the coasts, on course for comma-less communities."
* Darth Vader: "Dr. Huddleston handed Mr. Stephen Cavitt a light saber, and the rest was history."
* Maleficent: "I, Maleficent, aka Dr. Allison Fetters, was invited to be a part of this project by Dr. Huddleston (aka Jack Sparrow) in order to add female representation to the male contingent."
* Minion (from Despicable Me): Dr. Brian Hale (aka minion) remained quiet at this question.
* The Doctor (from Doctor Who) - Mr. Bill Stifler (aka The Doctor) just happened by. He often does that we were told.
* Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master, known as Dr. Buck Weiss, was absent from the conversation.

Curious to know why they were appearing now, the library staffer asked: "Why did you choose this time to come forward and save the day for our students?"
Captain Jack: Honestly, mate, the day wouldn't have come to us. Strange things, these comma errors. They're a bit like ghost pirates. You can't really kill'em, cause they're already dead, you see? But you've got to fight them. Always. The problem with commas isn't the commas. It's our attitude about the commas. Savvy? If Huddleston were here, he'd say (in that sort of landlubber way of his) that the need to spotlight this global epidemic was never greater than now, and the
more we have holding the spotlights, the better chance we have at changing it. Coming forward was inevitable.

Maleficent: I decided to be a part of this project because I appreciate the non-traditional approach to teaching what can be a very dull subject. The students have been really engaged thus far and have hopefully brushed up on the different uses of commas.

Darth Vader: Commas are tricky – we're trying to replicate a natural pause that happens in conversation. Years of seeing brave citizens struggle with commas told us enough was enough.

The Doctor: The Doctor always comes where he is needed.

See what the conundrum is about--Comma Con 2016, Monday, October 31 and Tuesday, November 1 in the library's mobile classroom.

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