Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Library information you might want to know!

Find useful links and information about the Library. The Chatt State Library is known as KLIC!

Library Hours
Never wonder what the KLIC hours are - just use this link to find out!

Textbooks on Reserve
Some textbooks and other course materials are on reserve available for students to use only in the library for up to two hours.  You will need your student ID to check out the textbook for that time. Not all textbooks for all courses are available. You can check to see if we have your textbook on reserve. Textbook Reserve Catalog 

Chat with a librarian!
Look for the chat box under "What can we help you with today?" on the KLIC website

Cash money is needed to print or to buy a print card. Bring a dollar bill to buy a print card. Using a print card lowers the print cost per page from 10 cents a page to six cents a page. Fifty cents of the initial one dollar print card purchase will be placed into the print card balance. Additional amount of paper bills can be added to the print card balance.
Or you can use dimes, nickles, quarters or dollar bills to pay at the cash release station at 10 cents per page. Debit cards or credit cards are not accepted.

Reserving Study Rooms
You can reserve a study room for up to two hours for groups of two people or more. You must use a Chatt State email address to reserve a study room.  Study Room Reservations

Search the Tigerpedia knowledgebase for answers! You have questions; Tigerpedia may have the answers!

Research Advisory Discussion (RAD) requests are student-initiated requests for one-on-one librarian help with class research.

KLIC Code of Conduct 
Yeah, there are expectations in using the library. Find out what they are in the KLIC Code of Conduct.

KLIC Policies

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