Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Library Blog Team - What are the DDH and CGR label tags?

Who writes all of the blog posts for the Library Blog? Anybody from the library staff can write a post, but almost every post from 2005 to now can be attributed to three people.

The library blog began in 2005 and has over 29,000 page views!  The three main bloggers: Tisa Houck, Christen Robichaud, and Dwight Hunter.

The Goodbye Tisa blog post, written in May 2013, contains a few selected links to Tisa's many submitted blog posts. Tisa is now enjoying retirement!

Dwight has been contributing to the blog since 2005.  Beginning last summer, each blogger has identified the writer by using the tag labels. Dwight's label is DDH.

If you look at the bottom of this post, you will see DDH.

Christen started writing blog posts last summer. She uses CGR as a label tag for her submitted posts.

The blog team writes posts about library marketing ideas, or a related series such as Not So Frequently Asked Questions to introduce topics. So when you see a CGR or a DDH in the label tags; you know who wrote the post.

Thank you for reading the library blog!

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