Wednesday, October 16, 2013

KLIC is Now Open!

Today the new library is officially open! Be sure to come by ASAP and take a look.

Did you know the library has a writer on The Communicator staff? Laura Lee writes a monthly column on library happenings titled, Check It Out. Below is a short preview of November's article all about the library's opening.

Augusta R. Kolwyck Library & Information Commons (KLIC) is now open for the benefit of the students! The study rooms and Macs are currently unavailable due to ongoing construction, but all other resources are available for use. Many students have been immensely enjoying the new library resources. The following are some of the quotes from enthusiastic students:

“The private study areas and new resources make me feel more inclined to study.”
-Betty Smith

“I enjoy the study areas. The clustered seating enables students to communicate more effectively. I also enjoy the modern look.”

-Maggie Marsh

“I feel there is better accessibility with the additional outlets and a better atmosphere.”
-Jacob Tuomey

Join us in celebrating the library opening today!


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