Tuesday, April 16, 2013

See Comments from Today's Campus Wide Cleanup Day

Pictured below are some of the written comments from today's campus wide cleanup day. The title of the campaign was "Clean Your Butts," which focused on picking up cigarette butts. Students, staff, and faculty joined in this morning's campus wide cleanup and pickup day.

Update 4/18/2012 From the "Clean Your Butts" Committee:
"We are happy to announce that the campus “Clean Your Butts” campaign was a tremendous success!!! We had almost 100 people working all over campus! They collected a grand total of 140 pounds of cigarette butts!

"Please! Let’s keep the momentum going and put cigarette butts in the garbage where they belong. Because remember . . . the world is not an ashtray!  Sincerely, The “Clean Your Butts” Committee"


Anonymous said...

Why the heck is "non smoking campus" not an option? Because you'd lose over half of your students? It's ridiculous that the students making healthy choices have to suffer the consequences of the idiots who smoke!

Anonymous said...

Make it a non smoking campus like most other places in America??? So all those health students who graduate, where do you think they will go work? Hospitals are non smoking facilities, and so are most businesses. Might as well set a good example. I graduated in 2011 and hated walked across campus to the omniplex bc of all the damn smokers. We used to make fun of that side over in the new health building.

MAKE IT A NON SMOKING CAMPUS! problem solved...