Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Year of Science 2009: Get Starry-Eyed in July

Year of Science 2009 is a year-long celebration of "how science works, why science matters, and who scientists are" which is being promoted by participants in the COPUS network. Find out more about the world of science on the new interactive website Understanding

Each month of 2009 will focus on a different aspect of science, and the July topic is Astronomy. At this website you can control a real telescope and receive access to an image that you choose to observe. I'm waiting for an email message from the MicroObservatory Guest Observer Portal that tells me how to view my inage of the Ring Nebula.

You can view a few of the photographs that they sent to me HERE.

To view a sample of the books we have about the stars and everything planetary, come by the library and we'll show you how to find books on the shelf as well as ebooks. You'll be star-struck by the brilliant photography and inter-galactic adventures that scientists have led with their minds and machines.

Also watch for book displays throughout the year to keep up with each month's highlight. We'll have a new display to show off our collection. Happy star gazing!

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