Monday, June 01, 2009

What Staff Are Reading: Palahniuk's newest, Pygmy

I know that when I pick up a novel by Chuck Palahniuk, I won't read anything I have read before. 

"Who is that, and how do you say his name?' you might ask.  

Mr. Palaniuk's name is pronounced PAUL-AH-NIK (say Paula Nick), and he has written 10 novels, three works of non-fiction, and has had 2 movies made from his novels--Fight Club and Choke.

His most recent novel--Pygmy--includes all these elements:

  • teenage terrorists-in-training posing as foreign exchange students

  • extraordinairy Martial Arts exhibitions 

  • satirical interpretations of American teens and lifestyles

  • fantastical English language distortions

  • unrelenting action and totally unique plot

Read this Time interviewlisten to a 2-minute excerpt, and check out our copy (or put it on hold if it's already out), and get ready to have your reading senses bombarded!

And we have other books by him if you want to read more.

I predict that Pygmy will win some major award.  Just remember, you heard it here first!


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