Friday, May 22, 2009

Question: Should the library have a Facebook page?

Two librarians were arguing one rainy morning, and the argument went something like this:

Withit Librarian:  Man, Facebook is awesome! I found people I haven't heard from in years! Now I can reconnect with all my buds from college and high school and library school, too.
Outofit Librarian: Sheesh. If those people wanted to find me, they would. I don't need Facebook in my life right now. All I do is spend time on the computer as it is.
WIL: Haven't you noticed all the students in here using Facebook?
OIL: Yeah, they ought to be studying or writing a paper or something useful.
WIL: I've seen other libraries on Facebook, too.  I wonder what kind of following they have. Do you think students would follow our page if we had one?
OIL: Nah.  Why would they want to do that? The library is the last place they want to follow.
WIL: I'm not so sure. Maybe if we had some useful stuff on our page, they'd visit it when they're already in their own Facebook accounts. It would be easy to go from one to the other, you know. 
OIL: Whatever. Why don't you ask around and see.

And that's just what we decided to do.  Take this really short survey (3 questions) and tell us whether we should have a Facebook presence or not. Thanks for your participation!

Take the survey:    Should the Library Have A Facebook Page?

[caption id="attachment_336" align="aligncenter" width="179" caption="To Join or Not to Join. That is the question. "]To Join or Not to Join. That is the question. [/caption]

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