Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Library Staff Are Reading: Parker Writes Westerns!

Let's fantasize for a minute.  What if Stephen King wrote romantic comedy; Orson Scott Card wrote mysteries; Danielle Steel wrote science fiction; and Dan Brown wrote kiddie lit. 

Well, how about this?  What if Robert Parker wrote Westerns?  Whoa!! That one's over-the-top, huh?  The famous author of the Spenser detective series (remember the TV show "Spenser for Hire"?)  has written a Western trilogy (That would be three.), and Sharon King, library assistant, offers this review:

Most recently I have read Robert Parker's Western series Appaloosa, Resolution, and my current read, Brimstone.  I don’t normally read Westerns, but since I like this author so much I thought that these had to be good too, and I haven’t been disappointed.  The series features two gunmen named Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, who travel to different towns to restore law and order where it has gone awry.  In each town, Virgil Cole is hired as the Marshall for that town and Everett Hitch is his deputy.  They set out to establish some semblance of law and order and shoot and kill anyone who begs to differ.  Virgil and Everett are after the main bad guy in each town, who is the one who is terrorizing all of the residents and trying to take over the town.  This series has lots of gunfights, but the real story is one of friendship and unconditional love.  In the first book, a woman enters the picture and becomes the love interest for Virgil Cole. Virgil loves Allie unconditionally, but Allie is not faithful to him.  She runs away and Virgil and Everett catch up with her in the third book.  

You can read a brief description of each book in the series by clicking the images below. Our library has Resolution and Brimstone, and the Chattanooga public library has Appaloosa.


 Appaloosa    BrimstoneResolution1


Bill Stifler said...

I'm a Parker fan myself but not surprised that he is writing Westerns. The Western hero is much like the detective hero--a loner who stands for justice. I've also liked seeing the Jesse Stone books on TV starring Tom Selleck.

By the way, Appaloosa was made into a movie starring Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen.

Sharon King said...

I completely forgot to mention the movie in my review. Thanks, Bill, for mentioning it in your comment. The Bicentennial Library also has the movie on DVD. I checked it out and watched it right after reading the book. I wish they would make movies out of the other two books in the series.