Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ooooh, nooooo! My kids have summer reading lists!

Dear Abby,
Well, the kids are out of school for the whole dang summer, and just when I thought we'd have a homework-free few months, here they come with these horrendous reading lists.  Every kid in the whole county's going to be looking for the same 10 books.  How am I supposed to get my own homework done now that I'm taking classes at Chatt State and find the books they need, too?  You'd think these teachers would give us all a break, ya know?
Like I Need One More Thing to do This Summer

Dear Summer,
Calm down, girl. I know you're busy, but those kids need to be improving their reading skills this summer instead of vegging-out in front of the X-Box. Since you're in school at Chatt State, you're problems are solved!  Just take those lists, and better yet take the kids, and find what you're looking for in the Kolwyck Library. They have an excellent collection of children's and young adult books, many of which are award winners and best books choices. Your kids can read while you study, or you can let them pick out the books they want to take home.  As a student, you can take out up to 10 books for three weeks.  Here's just a sample of what the library has:

You can search the catalog right here in fact.  Just type in the title and see what comes up. Ask one of the library staff for help if you need it.

Now, isn't that better?  And you thought it was going to be a long, hot summer.

Your friend,

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