Monday, April 27, 2009

Congrats to Aaron, our Outstanding Student Assistant!

Every year departmental awards are given to students who deserve recongnition for exceptional work in academic departments.  At the College's recent "Hats off to Excellence" celebration, the library staff bestowed this honor on Aaron Dunn, who has been a stellar library student assistant in the circulation department for two years.  That's amazing!  It's very likely that you have seen Aaron at the check-out desk, or that he has assisted you with using reserves, checking out books, or answering a wide variety of your questions in person and by phone. 

Aaron is majoring in Mechanical Drawing and CAD Technology and hopes to graduate in the next year when he will pursue employment with TVA or VW. He loves music and would like to design musical instruments or equipment and would really enjoy playing drums in a band after he finishes his education. 

Aaron's dependability, accuracy, positive attitude, and excellent public service skills are an asset to maintaining our high standards of customer service.  Thank you, Aaron, for all your hard work.  It is a pleasure to have you around, and we look forward to your coming back next fall. 

[caption id="attachment_228" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Tisa Houck, Aaron Dunn, Debora Ervin, Vicky Leather "]Tisa Houck, Aaron Dunn, Debora Ervin, Vicky Leather [/caption]


Sharon Harris said...

Congratulations Aaron!

Dwight said...

Congratulations Aaron!

Barbara said...

You are the best, Aaron. Congratulations...Barbara