Friday, November 02, 2007

Less is More

If you have ever wished you could search for a book and limit your search to books that you actually have time to read, say maybe those that are less than 200 pages, then you are in luck. does just that. If the book is not more than 200 pages long, you won't even see it in your results list.

As the website says, "Fortunately, there are authors that would rather have a concise and effective book than a lengthy and diluted tome, and that's where we come in."

Links to popular searches let you see what others are looking for, too.

Because the titles are derived from Amazon's database, "buy this book" links are provided that take you directly to Amazon where you may puchase new or used copies. Or, better yet, check to see if the library has the book and save your hard-earned cash. So, now you have no excuse to avoid reading. Find a book that fits your time constraints by using

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