Friday, September 14, 2007

Take a Little Trip to Anywhere

Need a little break from studying or thinking? Want a short sightseeing trip to Queens, NY, Beijing, Vienna, Auckland, Sicily, Boston's dive bars, downtown Austin, or numerous other wondrous locales? Then try this website:

Turn Here: Short Films, Cool Places

"TurnHere, Inc. is a digital media company with a unique mission. TurnHere produces professional digital videos, accessible on the Internet, which convey authentic experiences of places and leisure activities in cities and neighborhoods around the world. Each TurnHere digital film is driven by an individual filmmaker’s vision, translated into compelling storytelling, engaging narrators, insider perspective and high entertainment value. Every film that carries the TurnHere brand has met rigorous content, production and technical standards.

Founded in 2005, the company is privately-held and based in Emeryville, California."

You can even subscribe to an alert that will deliver a surprise video to your mailbox every day, or make a video about your business or location and let them produce it for you.

Where will you go today?

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