Monday, September 10, 2007

Give a DVD to SGA for ARK

The Student Government Association, in cooperation with the library, has implemented a project to create a DVD collection. Who? You know, the SGA and the CSTCC library. What? A project to create a collection of DVDs to check out. When? This semester; right now; today; as we speak. Where? Here, in the main campus library, otherwise known as the Augusta R. Kolwyck library. How? By asking students, faculty, and staff to donate to the SGA a used--or even new--DVD that will be given to the library for all to share. Seriously! Free check-out of DVDs with your CSTCC photo ID.

Sooooo. If you have unviewed or previously viewed DVDs that you need to set free, take them to the SGA office in room S-212 of the Student Center, and Seth Houts, SGA president, or some other important person will thank you profusely on behalf of the library and your fellow classmates.

So far, the display case is empty. Uh, perhaps you weren't aware of the project. BUT, we're hoping that after everyone reads the articles in the the current issue of the Communicator (and in this blog), the donations will begin to flow.

Now, you know you're not going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean again. Take it and any others whose time has come and be the first to contribute to the cause. Prizes will be awarded, but to win a prize, you must donate!

What are you waiting for? What could be better than free movies?

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