Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Group Study in the Library!
The Library has created some spaces for our students/faculty/staff to collaborate on projects. There are two tables located next to the windows in the back of the library that have 4 chairs, a computer with two monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse.
The idea is that a minimum of 4 people can sit at a table and be able to use the keyboard and mouse while viewing the same thing on each monitor. We hope that students will be able to work on class presentations effectively in these spaces.
We encourage you to bring some type of medium on which to save your work. USB Flash Drives (available in the bookstore) are preferable but you can burn CDs and use floppy disks if you wish. Web-based email is supported if you would like to email saved files to yourself.
The computers have the Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Please try this and tell us how it works. Also, if you have software that you are required to use that we don’t have, please suggest that we consider making it available using either the comment feature on this blog or the questions form.


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