Friday, November 18, 2005

Wireless in the Library?

Yes, you heard right! The library now has a wireless connection for our students, faculty, and staff. So, bring in your laptops, PDAs, smartphones, or whatever you have with wifi capabilities and surf the net to your heart's content.

A local wireless provider called Airnet is providing this service FREE! Airnet ( located in downtown Chattanooga. This sure is mighty nice of them! So a BIG THANKS goes out to Airnet from all of us at Chattanooga State! The connection is wifi 802.11b ( hoc. There is a link on the library's page with settings ( If you have questions about the service, please call (423-697-4436) or email ( the reference desk.

The library's settings page has links to examples on how to connect to the wireless Internet. If you know of any good help files out there, please comment to the blog so that I can post the links. Most laptops running Windows XP have no problem connecting to the service but my PDA (Dell Axim X50v) is a little different. I have to configure my PDA to only look for wireless connections that are called "Only computer-to-computer" instead of "All Available".

I think every new device out there with wireless capabilities has some little idiosyncrasy so if you can't figure it out, just ask at the reference desk.


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