Monday, May 16, 2016

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park book cover

Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor and Park tells the story of two kids from two very different backgrounds who meet and fall in love. Eleanor is the new kid at school and Park takes pity on her, letting her sit next to him on the bus. From there they bond over comic books, music, and a mutual dislike for the popular kids at the back of the bus. As time goes on their bond grows stronger, but Park doesn't know what life is like for Eleanor when she gets off the bus each evening. Park returns to a loving and supportive home, but the opposite is true for Eleanor. Eleanor's mother is married to an abusive man and Eleanor and her siblings desperately try to avoid encountering their angry stepfather, becoming prisoners in their own home. 

Rowell's award winning young adult novel has been challenged in many libraries because it touches on topics of child abuse, domestic abuse, bullying, body image, race, sexuality, and includes profanity.


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