Friday, August 01, 2014

Water-the essence of life: It's Water Quality Month!

Check out the book display!
That liquid substance we drink. Or we heat up into a gas for a heat source. Or we freeze to keep things cold.

Water sustains life and our ecosystems depend on it for survival. This is the focus of this year's National Water Quality Month.

Check out the book display in the library, which includes such titles as "The Water We Drink: Water Quality and its Effects on Health," "The Big Thirst," "The Future of Water," "Bottlemania," and many more!

The Water Quality library guide is packed with information including a local angle. The guide's theme is "Chattanooga: Water Driven."  At the very least, view the Amnicola page tab on the guide to find out some cool things about the Tennessee River near campus and other water facts around campus. Water Quality Guide

The guide has links to books, videos, websites, and organizations. Find out about water information in your neighborhood. Water is important to our planet. Water quality is important to our existence.  Get involved and learn more about water and your community.

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