Wednesday, December 03, 2008

NetLibrary's E-Book of the Month--December

NetLibrary eBook of the Month

Hey, remember the tune to the Mickey Mouse Club song? What do you mean, you're not old enough? Yeah, you've heard it, think back.

M-I-C-K-E-Y (short pause) M-O-U-S-E, Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse;

Forever let us hold our banner high, high, high, high....

Well, the tune fits with this month's NetLibrary ebook of the Month. Just wave your banner and sing:

B-A-R-A-C-K (short pause) O-B-A-M-A, B'rack Obama, B'rack Obama;
Forever let us hold our Presidents high, high, high, high....

"Written by Martin Dupuis and Keith Boeckelman, this book examines Barack Obama’s meteoric rise to fame and what it means for American politics. The roots of President-elect Obama's politics and presidential campaign strategy are traced in this detailed political biography, ascending from his successful run in 1996 to represent Chicago's South Side in the Illinois Senate, through his partial term as the junior U.S. senator from Illinois beginning in 2004, to his campaign for the presidency. Dupuis and Boeckelman analyze in illuminating detail the critical ways in which the political calculus so brilliantly deployed in Obama's 2007-2008 national campaign was shaped by the lessons he learned from the successes and failures of his previous local and statewide campaigns....

Provided through the generous support of Greenwood Publishing Group, Barack Obama, the New Face of American Politics will be available to Chattanooga State library patrons December 1-31. If you have already established a NetLibrary account through this library, visit and log in. If you do not have a NetLibrary account, you can create an account from any CSTCC library computer. For more information about NetLibrary or other services available through the Chattanooga State library," please contact any of your friendly librarians.

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