Thursday, September 09, 2021

New Video Platforms: Kanopy and Swank!

Source: Kanopy Inc.

The library has two new video-streaming platforms: Kanopy and Swank!                  
Kanopy streams videos that are dedicated to being thoughtful and thought-provoking. Founded in 2008, Kanopy was established to provide academic institutions with essential films that foster learning and conversation. In 2016, Kanopy expanded its services to public libraries and now delivers a diverse collection of enriching films, available to stream anytime and anywhere — from desktop to TV to tablet.  

Swank helps spread the magic of movies and TV shows beyond homes and theaters. How? They license and distribute content to non-theatrical markets like worldwide cruise lines, U.S. colleges and universities, K-12 public schools and libraries. In fact, Swank has been bringing movies and TV shows to more people in more places since 1937.

Just as KLIC purchases books for our patrons to borrow, KLIC also offers a variety of digital resources to borrow, and two of those digital resources are Kanopy and Swank! Both video databases are free to access with no advertisements for students, staff, and faculty at ChattState.

Visit our newest video databases, Kanopy and Swank, and watch videos on a computer or on mobile devices!

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