Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Part Two: Pictures from Library Staff for Park and Recreation Month


Part two of a three-part blog series on the Park and Recreation Month guide

Our KLIC staff members enjoy visiting local parks or traveling to visit cool places. Chattanooga parks, Great Smoky National Park, local hiking trails and rivers and many more pictures were submitted. We have staff who hike, have a rose garden, people who love beaches, people who kayak, and more. Librarians have park and recreation stories to tell!

This year's submissions brought new pictures from The Breakers mansion, Lake Michigan beach, Pacific coast highway, Alcatraz Island, Piney River, plus fun past pictures of biking on the Tennessee Riverpark, hiking the Rainbow Trail and Cloudland Canyon, reaching the top of Independence Pass, and so much more! You really have to check this page out.

Check out the video of pictures from the Library Staff!

Visit the park and recreation guide at https://library.chattanoogastate.edu/parks2021

Chattanooga's East Lake Park

View from Alcatraz Island

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