Sunday, April 04, 2021

National Library Week - Welcome to Your Library!

National Library Week is an annual celebration highlighting the valuable role libraries, librarians, and library workers play in transforming lives and strengthening our communities.

“Welcome to Your Library,” promotes the idea that libraries extend far beyond the four walls of a building – and that everyone is welcome to use their services. During the pandemic libraries have been going above and beyond to adapt to our changing world by expanding their resources and continuing to meet the needs of their users. Whether people visit in person or virtually, libraries offer opportunities for everyone to explore new worlds and become their best selves through access to technology, multimedia content, and educational programs.

The Kolwyck Library is live online at through chat, email, phone, library instruction, and one-on-one online reference help. Even though the access to the building is limited by appointment to computers, our library staff still brings people together to solve student research issues, or to help students find those resources for their papers, or for our new paralegal students to explore the world of electronic legal research, or the many other students helped with their academic success.

We celebrate our KLIC staff. We celebrate our libraries in this area and their staffs. We celebrate the value of libraries in the global community. Because libraries are always here for you.

Celebrate National Library Week 2021 by sharing what you love about the resources and services available at your library. Post about an e-book, audiobook, virtual storytime or bookclub, or how your library has made a difference while you've been social distancing at home. Use the hashtag #MyLibraryIs. Don’t forget to tag your library!

Two more hashtags for National Library Week are: #NationalLibraryWeek | #LibrariesTransform

A quote from this year's honorary chair, Natalie Portman:

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