Thursday, April 16, 2020

2020 National Poetry Month: Shelter in Poetry

April is National Poetry Month!

National Poetry Month was launched by the Academy of American Poets in April 1996 to remind the public that poets have an integral role to play in our culture and that poetry matters. Now, as we face an unprecedented circumstance, National Poetry Month has taken on new meaning and importance. More and more people are turning to poetry at this moment, because poetry and inspiring language can help bring solace and needed strength. Find more at National Poetry Month

New this year are 30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month in the Virtual Classroom and Shelter in Poem.

Shelter in Poem: This National Poetry Month, readers are asked to share a poem from the collection that helps to find courage, solace, and actionable energy, and a few words about how or why it does so. As responses continue to arrive from across the globe, invites you to continue sharing poems on social media with the hashtag #ShelterInPoems or by writing to 

The Willa Cather Foundation is reading a poem a day in April from Cather's April Twilights collection. Willa Cather published April Twilights, her first book of poetry, in 1903. Even after establishing herself as a fiction writer of national reputation, Cather continued to write poetry. Her poetry demonstrates her rich interests in literature, music, the arts, and settings of the world. Find more at

Check out the back issues of Chattanooga State's literary publication, The Phoenix, for local poets.

Two of our KLIC staff are reading poetry on their social media accounts. Find solace and energy through the reading of poetry. Poem in Your Pocket Day is April 30th -- during Poem in Your Pocket Day, read a poem to your friends online or to your family at home.

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