Monday, March 18, 2019

Instagram @chattstatelibrary

Something new is on the library website - Instagram icon! 

But the library's presence on Instagram isn't new! We've been posting pictures and gathering followers since June 2016! However, this is our official Instagram promotion of the Chattanooga State Library Instagram account! Visit us @chattstatelibrary

Catching things as they happened during last year's Late Night on the Library was posted where? On our Instagram account! 

We have a IG channel about New Books. We are planning to expand our IG presence even more and hope to gain more followers! Please follow us.

Our very first Instagram post on June 20, 2016 was a picture of this sandwich board drawing:

Catch all of our hours posts and selfies on Instagram!

We already have over 100 posts and over 300 followers! Join us on Instagram!

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