Sunday, April 01, 2018

Celebrate National Poetry Month - Listen to Embedded Readings

National Poetry Month is the largest literary celebration in the world marking poetry’s important place in our culture and our lives. The American Library Association is one of the sponsoring organizations of National Poetry Month.

National Poetry Month aims to:

        highlight the extraordinary legacy and ongoing achievement of American poets,
        encourage the reading of poems,
        assist teachers in bringing poetry into their classrooms,
        increase the attention paid to poetry by national and local media,
        encourage increased publication and distribution of poetry books, and
        encourage support for poets and poetry.

Look at the 30 ways to celebrate Poetry Month to get ideas on how increase attention to poetry and encourage support of poetry.

One of the 30 ways is to sign up for Poem-A-Day. By listing your email address, you will be sent a poem a day. KLIC will try to tweet some of the "poems a day" on our Twitter account @chattstlibrary during the month of April.

April 26th is Poem in Your Pocket Day. Every April, on Poem in Your Pocket Day, people celebrate by selecting a poem, carrying it with them, and sharing it with others. There will be another blog post with more information about Poem in Your Pocket Day.

Listen to some poetry - here are two embedded samples from "Heal the Cracks in the Bell of the World" about Sandy Hook Elementary and "Disposed" lamenting the lack of warmth in the world.

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