Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rosy Milburn - The Stars at KLIC: Journey Story of our Staff

By Rosy Milburn

If you have checked out a KLIC book, viewed a video, browsed a magazine or used one of our online databases, I probably ordered it for you to use.

I began working at Chattanooga State Library 8/1/1988. At that time, students searched Reader’s Guide for periodical citations they thought would be helpful for their research.  They had to write the citation on a slip of paper. They handed the paper to a librarian who walked into a closed stack area to see if we had the magazine. If we had the title and magazine issue, the student could read the article or make a photocopy. We subscribed to about 500 magazines in paper format. My job included checking in magazines, making sure that we had received the magazines we ordered. I processed and filed the magazines in cardboard boxes. I ordered the magazines, paid invoices for the subscriptions and claimed missing issues. I used a card system of 5x7 custom printed cards to keep track of the issues.

Since that time we take fewer magazines in paper format, but have access to many thousands more online. As part of my job, I order and activate most of our various electronic resources. Then, I work with a team to make sure the resources work well with each other.

Instead of looking through volumes of Reader’s Guide as they did in 1988, students can now perform a One-KLIC search to see thousands of articles on their subject. Many of the articles will be full-text. The student can simply print the article from a computer and start their research.

Once upon a time, I planned to be a teacher. As I learned more about the job, I decided I wanted to explore more scientific areas of study.  I always wanted to understand the underlying structure of an area of knowledge. I enjoyed grammar more than literature. I enjoyed science and the artistry of math more than history. I majored in Astronomy with minors in Physics, Greek and Math. I did not want to settle in one area of study.  Working in a library has allowed me to continue to learn new subjects and technologies.

After graduation from college, I worked at the Chattanooga Public Library and a small independent bookstore. I enjoyed learning about many subjects while working with books. When my children were small I started working at Chattanooga State Library especially because of the excellent day care center available to students and staff. The excellent people and staff at KLIC have kept me here over 25+ years. I’ve continued to learn on the job and have recently completed training for System Administrator of the new Alma integrated library system.
Outside of work, I spend time with friends and family, working to create quilts and knitted socks, scarves and blankets.

Rosy's Community Work:
Studied with Education for Ministry, Order of St. Luke
Completed three levels of study in Usui Reiki Ryoho

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