Monday, December 14, 2015

The Stars at KLIC: The Journey Story of our Staff

A new blog series, The Stars at KLIC: The Journey Story of our Staff, will begin next month, January 2016, and will run through March 2016. The short blog posts will highlight the journey story of each KLIC staff member as well as highlighting contributions to the college and to the community.

Join us on the journey!

KLIC staff members have been long serving Chattanooga State staff. The dedication of the KLIC staff to Chattanooga State can be seen by the number of years of service!

Thank you to our current KLIC staff and their full-time based Chattanooga State service awards:
Pam Temple, 35 years (awarded 2015), Cathy Bell, 25 years (awarded 2015), Rosemary Milburn, 25 years (awarded 2015), Bill Norman, 25 years (awarded 2012), Sandra Williford, 20 years (awarded 2013), Debora Ervin, 15 years (awarded 2012), Betsy Fronk, 15 years (awarded 2015), Amy Campbell, 5 years (awarded 2015), and Lori Warren, 5 years (awarded 2013).

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