Monday, September 07, 2015

Perspective on Alma/Primo

I'm Dwight Hunter, one of the blog writers for the Kolwyck Library Blog. Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 8, KLIC will have a new search tool from Primo. This new tool is based off a new catalog system called Alma. Alma/Primo.

This is the same system used at UT-Knoxville, and I am very familiar with it as a student. Why? I'm a graduate student at UTK.  If you are a student, faculty or staff researching for information, you will love Primo!

Primo is the name of a discovery layer that can search library holdings (books, ebooks,  videos, sound files and more) and search databases. All from a search box. You type something in the box, and voila, you get results.

As an UTK graduate student, Primo has saved me so much time to find high quality, information resources. I'm so excited that the power of this discovery tool is now available to Chatt State students, faculty and staff!

Kudos to the KLIC staff and especially the Alma/Primo implementation team! The amount of work preparing for this day is beyond imagine.

Dwight Hunter
Assistant Librarian I
KLIC Blog Team Member

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