Friday, July 31, 2015

Water - The Essence of Life: August is Water Quality Month!

National Water Quality Month


That liquid substance we drink. Or we heat up into a gas for a heat source. Or we freeze to keep things cold.Water is needed to sustain life. The quality of water affects the quality of life.

The Water Quality guide gives information and links about many resources.

The guide is packed with information. The guide's theme is "Chattanooga: Water Driven." And the guide gives you local information. Quiz time! (Answers found in the guide)

1. What was the name of the farm owned by Thomas Crutchfield that also means "dwelling by the river" in Latin?
2. Atlantic Distributors, Inc, our Chattanooga State neighbor down Amnicola Highway, has protected what on its property?
3. What is used to heat and cool our campus buildings?
4. A sign in the Tennessee Riverpark by the Chattanooga State entrance warns children, pregnant or nursing women should not eat what?

Check out the Water Quality guide ( with links to library videos, books, and also to websites in governments and organizations and much more.

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