Friday, May 23, 2014

Farewell Interview with Casey Lee

Casey Lee is one of our student assistants talented at tech help and customer service. One of today's most valuable skill combinations. He's been with us for almost two years and mastered helping out in Public Services, on the Student Tech Support desk, dabbled in Technical Services and was our resident computer genius on many evenings. He's transferring to UTC this year to continue his education; we're sad to see him go but thrilled that he's working on his four year degree. We know he'll make an excellent software engineer and wish him the best of luck with his career!

1. How long have you worked at the library and what was your favorite part of the job?
I will have worked at the library for almost a year and a half by the time I leave at the end of June this year. My favorite part of this job is helping people. I suppose that may sound vague or cliche, but I truly have enjoyed helping people work through their issues and frustrations and to see the look of satisfaction, gratitude and relief on their faces once we've solved a problem together.

2. What’s the greatest lesson or skill you've learned while working as a student assistant?
The area I have improved in the most is customer service. When I first applied for this job, I didn't realize how closely I would be working with patrons and students. Despite the fact that I've done a lot of different types of work here, many of which don't include me working directly with people, what I'll remember most about this job is the time that I've spent assisting people and how that's given me a chance to really better understand those that I've helped and sharpen my customer service skills.

3. What advice do you have for students interested in working in the library?
Take the job seriously and be prepared to take on the extra stress. The student workers have a huge potential to make a positive impact on others, the library and the school in general. It can be difficult for me to focus on other students' issues since I am a student as well and share many of the same problems and stresses. I always have to remind myself that I am here to help others and that even though I may under a lot of academic stress, I have the chance to relieve others from some of that same stress. So, while it may seem like a relatively "easy" job, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and should be taken seriously. That being said, working at the library can be extremely rewarding and there are a plethora of advantages and conveniences to working here.

4. What are your plans now that you’re leaving Chattanooga State?
I have been accepted and will transfer into UTC's computer science program this fall. I hope to earn my bachelors by spring 2017 and go on to a career in software engineering. 

Interested in working in the library this summer or fall? Stop by the Public Services desk and ask for an application!

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