Monday, November 04, 2013

Not So Frequently Asked Questions with Sandra Williford!

Sandra Williford, Reference Librarian

Sandra Williford is a librarian of many talents. In addition to being a Reference Librarian, she our very first Embedded Librarian (which means you're just as likely to find her in the Health Science Center as the library), AND the liaison for the Nursing & Allied Health Division, Business Department (BIT Division), and TCAT Health Programs. She's written some great LibGuides for Study Skills, Research Steps, Nursing, and MG 103 to help students get ahead. When she's not in the library, Sandra loves to be outdoors. She hikes, bikes, canoes, and more! So whether you're looking for the TEAs practice test or a recommendation on a great place to enjoy nature, come by the library and just ask!

1. Coffee, tea, or soda?
Herbal tea: lemon ginger or chamomile citrus, please, with a touch of honey

2. Favorite thing to do in Chattanooga area?
What is there NOT to like in Chattanooga? I especially enjoy the outdoors - hiking on area trails or paddling the Hiwassee River. On a return trip in separate vehicles from the Cumberland Plateau, we stopped at the red light in Dunlap. I jumped out of my car, ran to my husband’s truck, and said, “And we LIVE here!” This area is simply breathtaking!

3. What is always in your refrigerator?
Homemade plain yogurt, ready for the fruit or nut of the day

4. If you could be any animal for a day, what would it be?
Definitely an elephant. Their long memory, high intelligence, and especially, the depth of their family relationships are astounding. I have a profound respect for these incredible beings.   

5. What was one of your most memorable vacations?
Our family’s trip to the Pacific Northwest: Seattle, Olympic National Park, Vancouver, Victoria Island, and the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler.

 6. What was the last job you had before coming to Chattanooga State?
I was a corporate librarian at a Fortune 500 company conducting business and market research. I loved every minute of it. There were plenty of interesting questions to answer like “How many beds are in the U.S. Navy, on sea and land?”

7. What is the last picture you took with your phone?
Seven-month old grandson, of course!

8. What sort of movies do you like?
Indie & foreign films

9. What’s the most rewarding part of your job?
Helping students overcome academic hurdles and watching that success transform their personal lives. I am definitely a teacher at heart.

10. What’s something few people know about you?
I went to college on “cow money.” When each of my five siblings and I were born, my grandfather gave us a calf and placed it in the pasture with his herd. When that calf grew up, her calves were sold. My grandfather kept a ledger of each sale and kept the line going through our high school years. We helped care for the cattle and the farm throughout this time. When we were ready for college, we each had a nice savings account to cover most of our school expenses. Thank you, Grandpa!


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