Monday, October 28, 2013

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Nobody Owens’ parents are ghosts. In fact everyone he knows is a ghost. Well except for his guardians, Silas (a vampire) and Miss Lupescu (a werewolf). But unlike his family, Bod is alive. As a toddler his family was murdered by a mysterious stranger named Jack and he alone survived by wandering into a nearby graveyard. He’s adopted by the Owens and given the Freedom of the Graveyard. He’s taught to fade, create feelings of intense fear, and dreamwalk. But he can’t leave the graveyard until it’s safe and Jack is no more. Over the years he discovers witches, evil creatures guarding treasures, ghoul gates, and the dangers of the living. But Bod is tired of being trapped in the graveyard and he wants justice for his family. With a little help from Silas and his friend Scarlett he manages to solve the mystery of his family’s murder and finally join the living.

Neil Gaiman has written some great books (Coraline, Good Omens, etc.) and The Graveyard Book doesn't disappoint! Check it out today for a little spooky reading!


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