Monday, September 02, 2013

Not So Frequently Asked Questions with Brittany Richardson!

Brittany Richardson, Coordinator of Library Instruction
Brittany Richardson is the latest addition to the library bunch! She's our new Coordinator of Library Instruction, so send all your instruction queries to her! She's also the subject liaison for English, Foreign Languages, and Reading. She loves to teach and is bringing some exciting changes to the Chattanooga State Library. Look for her around campus giving out tips on how to find reliable sources for all those intimidating research paper you've been assigned.

1. What’s your favorite thing to do outdoors in Chattanooga? 
Walk around downtown or on Missionary Ridge with my husband and two dogs. It makes for a nice family outing!

2. Do you have any pets?

Well, yes, as previously mentioned! I have a great Australian Shepherd named Bryce and an Australian Shepherd/Collie mix named Zion (see picture). They enjoy hiking, chasing squirrels, and massages.

3. List five people/places students should follow on twitter. 

@ChattStLibrary (Chatt State Library tweets) @AwfulLibBooks (hi-lar-ious reject library books) @StephenAtHome (truthiness at its finest) @chattanoogafun (around town happenings) @StampedLib (me)

4. What change are you most excited to see after the library renovation is complete? 

I’m pumped about the mobile classroom! This is going to be such an exciting new way for us to conduct library instruction. Using mobile devices and apps to connect with library resources is “on trend” and I am excited to be a part of a library embracing this!

5. Early bird or night owl?

hoot, hoot

6. What’s your favorite movie? 

It is a tie. First, I love Baby Mama. It really challenges me intellectually. No, seriously, I love female comedians and comedy writers. Second, I am a sucker for “Singing in the Rain,” I love a good musical.

7. How do you spend a normal day off? 

Gardening, hiking, trying new recipes, making music, and hanging out with friends. Oh, and traveling is great too!

8. Favorite local restaurants? 

Aretha Frankenstein’s, Tremont Tavern, the Terminal…and the list goes on. Chattanooga is a great place for local food!

9. Who has the best cup of coffee in Chattanooga? 

Rembrandt’s in the art district, locally roasted and a great atmosphere. Coffee sustains me.

10. Why should students use the library? 

We have what YOU need to succeed! Finding the BEST information is important in your education AND in your everyday life—and we can teach you how!


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