Monday, September 09, 2013

Looking for Alaska by John Green

I go to seek the Great Perhaps. - François Rabelais
Tired of his boring and friendless life in Florida, Miles decides to "seek the Great Perhaps." The closest he can get to adventure is his father's old boarding school, Culver Creek in Alabama. There he meets a ragtag group of kids obsessed with playing pranks on the rich kids, never snitching, and breaking all the rules. He also meets the beautiful and mysterious Alaska Young. Alaska is impulsive, smart, fun, and also in a relationship. Miles settles into life at Culver Creek, discovering the joys of friendship, loyalty, and real Southern cooking. But Alaska is always out of his reach. Just when Miles thinks he finally has her figured out, Alaska is suddenly gone. While the Culver Creek crew tries to come to terms with their loss, Miles wonders if seeking the "Great Perhaps" is even worth it, or if everyone is just trapped in an endless labyrinth of suffering.


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