Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling

The Casual Vacancy by JK RowlingA casual vacancy on the town council is created after the sudden and unfortunate death of Barry Fairbrother. After learning of Barry’s death from a brain aneurysm, most of the town is devastated (while a select few are delighted) to lose such a generous and charismatic man. As one of Pagford’s Parish Councilors he fought for recognition and compassion for the impoverished area called simply, “the Fields.” Several characters step up to take Barry’s place on the council and people throughout the town begin to focus on a particular Fields resident as a prime example of the Fields depravity and hopelessness. Krystal Weedon is the unfortunate daughter of a heroin addict and a surrogate mother to her three year old brother Robbie. As the town argues whether or not to cut funding and support to the Fields, Krystal herself becomes the embodiment of both sides of the argument. She’s known for fighting, shagging, and ditching school. But Barry had seen potential in her and she excels on the school’s rowing team. Krystal becomes a fierce ally of her classmates and learns what is achievable when a girl is given a little encouragement and support. Three candidates run for the open council position, Colin Wall (in honor of his friend Barry), Simon Price (in hopes of getting in on some rumored bribes), and Miles Mollison (son of the town patriarch and avid Fields despiser). As their families are drawn into the political quagmire of the Pagford election, a mysterious entity calling himself “The_Ghost_of_Barry_Fairbrother” starts to publicly humiliate counsel members on Pagford’s website. Ugly secrets are brought to light and lives are ruined.

Interested in discovering how it all turns out? The Casual Vacancy is available for check out as well as Rowling's widely popular Harry Potter series!


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