Monday, May 20, 2013

TigerID and Off-campus Access to Library Resources

The new TigerID is now a student's gateway to online library resources!

If a student is off campus and wishes to access a library database, for example MasterFILE, that student would type in their TigerID username and password! This is for students, faculty and staff.

Get your new TigerID and open the door to a wealth of information provided by the Kolwyck Library through numerous informational databases from CINAHL to MasterFILE Premier to A-Z Maps!

The streaming videos from the library will, for the time being, still use the generic semester username and password. To obtain the summer password for streaming videos, log into eLearn and click the library link.

Still need help? Call the Help Desk at 697-4436 or visit the library's website at


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