Thursday, January 24, 2013

Having trouble accessing some of our databases?

Latest News! Library resource databases have been fully restored! 

Please contact us if you need further assistance accessing Library resources.

Having trouble accessing some of our databases? We'd like to reassure you that the library is aware of the situation and is working to provide a solution. At the bottom of this post is a link to a feedback form for trouble-shooting. Some of the problems and solutions are listed below:

•    Since late December, we have had several reports that some of our users are having problems accessing certain library databases. 
•    Not all of our databases are affected but some of our most heavily used databases are; such as, CINAHL, MasterFile, and Films on Demand.
•    It seems the problem seems to reside with certain Internet service providers (ISP).

•    If you are unable to access some of our databases, try:
  1. Accessing these resources from Campus or other campus sites where authentication through the authentication tool isn’t an issue.
  2. Accessing these resources from a local public library.
  3. Connecting your computer/laptop/iPad via a smart phone or a “mifi” device (if you have that capability) or accessing the resource through a mobile device that uses cellular service.
  4. Using alternative sources such as the Tennessee Electronic Library ( to access articles and other electronic resources

    If you are having difficulties accessing our library databases, please use the feedback form so that we can troubleshoot your database access problems. 


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