Saturday, December 08, 2012

Stress Free Zone and Tips for Finals

The library staff is planning a stress-free zone during final exam week. Keep up-to-date with the plans on the library's Facebook page.

Here are the library's social media team's stress-relief tips that were posted last week.
  1. Final Exam Stress Relief Tip: SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! your work on your flash/jump drive at all times. Save often!
  2. Final Exam Stress Relief Tip: PRINT! PRINT! PRINT! Don't wait to print your paper in the Library 5 minutes before it's due. Print it the night before it's due, so there are no worries. The Library is open til 10pm tonight. Stop and print that paper that's due tomorrow.
  3. Final Exam Stress Relief Tip: Eat healthy and exercise. This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s a wonder how many people forget it. Skip the sugar, which will make you crash, and go for snacks like granola bars, healthy cereal or fruits and veggies to keep your blood sugar stable. If you’re studying for a long period of time, eat some protein too. Also, try to get some form of exercise. Even a 10 minute walk will leave you calmer and more focused.
  4. Final Exam Stress Relief Tip: Avoid stressful people. Stress actually is contagious. During exam week, resist the urge to have a study session with your super-tense friend, especially if they're complaining about all the work they have to do and breaking pencils all over the place. Their stress will only add to your stress.  
  5. Final Exam Stress Relief Tip: One step at a time! It is often overwhelming to think about how many tests that you have to take. Take each class and approach each test a step at a time. You’ll be amazed at how much you will be able to get done.


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