Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A to Z Maps Online

Want to see the map of the latest earthquake, or to see a map of where active volcanoes are, or to see state maps of the new Congressional districts? AtoZ Maps Online is one of the library's newest database!

AtoZ Maps Online can be found under the databases link on the library's website, or currently, the link can be found under "What's New." 

As the name indicates, almost every type of map can be found from A to Z at AtoZ Maps Online.  Fishing maps, climate maps, flag maps, Holy Land maps, NASA maps, bird distribution maps, and much more can be found in this database. The USA map collection includes links to topographical, Congressional districts, counties, and antique map collections.

Visit the NASA/JPL/California Institute of Technology Sea Level Viewer to find out how much the Arctic ice has disappeared this decade or to see the latest Earth observations. Explore the library's newest database AtoZ Maps Online to find more information.


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